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The Collagen Elixir Beauty Bundle

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What do wrinkles, creases, thinning hair & poor nail growth have in common?


They’re all signs of critically low Type 1 Collagen levels in our body, and an indication that we are in need of urgent replenishing.

As we age, our body’s ability to make collagen slows down, and our skin therefore becomes fragile with less elasticity over time. As a result, wrinkles, creases & rough skin begin to appear; our hair gets thin & turns grey; our nails get hard and brittle… All of this is due to diminishing Collagen levels in our body…

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body, and one of those rare things that really can help you age backwards. All those pricey anti-aging treatments at your dermatologist’s office, like lasers and ultrasounds, work by stimulating collagen. It makes up nearly 80% of your skin, found in the middle layer called the dermis. Collagen works together with another protein called elastin to strengthen the skin and help it snap back into place when stretched.

Collagen production starts to slow down as you get older, and it happens sooner than you’d think. After age 25, our bodies tend to break down more collagen than we make, so that’s why we start to see fine lines and wrinkles. From there, we start to lose about one percent of our collagen each year.

“Are there other factors working against us? Yes...

UV light from the sun, as well as tobacco smoke will tend to activate enzymes that also degrade our collagen fibres and the elastic tissue of our skin. As a result this can also cause sagging and age-related damage,” says Allan Dattner, MD, holistic dermatologist and author of “Radiant Skin From The Inside Out.”

The good news is, we can very easily assist our bodies in making more Type 1 Collagen with the Isagenix Type 1 Collagen Elixir... Drink 1 bottle per day of this delicious Collagen drink, and watch this magic wrinkle eraser go to work...

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